Drizzle is a Washington-based book review site with the goal of diversifying bookshelves and introducing readers to under-represented authors. We focus our attention on translations and books by queer authors, women, and people of color because we believe in the power of reading from a variety of perspectives. This, of course, is a complicated task — it is our mission not to tokenize authors and their work, but rather to intentionally include these books in critical conversation precisely because they are such an incredible, often untapped resource. We promote work that is beautiful, innovative, takes us to new places, and makes us question and reconsider our beliefs.

We read poetry, creative non-fiction, fiction of all genres, graphic novels — any and all books that fit our parameters and are worth a second read.  It’s our mission to advocate for work that deserves a wider audience, and we hope to build a community of readers to help us achieve that goal.

What we’re reading next:

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